About us

We are a U.S. manufacturer of high quality comfort footwear for people concerned with the health and wellness of their feet and their whole body. Our footwear is geared toward people who are on their feet all the time and for whom function is foremost: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION.

What we do

With over 30 years in the footwear industry, our in-depth knowledge of all facets of footwear design and manufacturing has allowed us to create a unique line of comfort footwear offered throughout the U.S. and Canada.


All our styles are based on one premise: design and produce a sound base for the foot with the right contours to evenly support the body weight. High quality leather uppers are directly molded into the sole, thus, our comfort features are built-in, not added on as an afterthought. Our least expensive styles such as the Lilly & Nancy are some of the most comfortable footwear available today. More sophisticated styles include customized individually molded insoles that are removable, washable, and molded onto soft leather-lined polyurethane foam.


The most effective form of advertising is word-of-mouth. Ask any Ana-Tech owner or, better yet, slip one on your feet and feel the beauty.