$ 176.00

Shown in black snake leather

Crystal is a criss-cross sling that envelopes the foot. Based on the ever popular orthopediclly correct LOBO footbed. Help alleviate PLANTAAR FASCIITIS.

A great fitting strap sandal available in Narrow, Medium , Wide and Extra wide widths.
An old favorite of many

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Hi folks at Ana-Tech,

I'll admit it....99% of the time that I wear shoes they are yours...(have one other pair that I wear under duress)...I first found your shoes when I was judging a dog show in Kentucky, and I got them at a show vendor from Walk the Walk.
But now I have a bit of a dilema. My parents are turning 80 this year, and my brother and I and our spouses are taking them on a transatlantic cruise on the Queen Mary. A bit of a dilema, as I need some kind of ballroom dancing shoe in a formal setting.
My legs have been reconstructed due to a serious auto accident, so high heels will always be out of the question. I usually dance barefoot, in socks with an anti-slip bottom. Do you think that your "Crystal" shoes would stay on while dancing?
Thank you so much for your shoes. They have made it possible for me to walk for hours without pain.
All my best,

Cathy P -Emailed- 5/27/09

"I received the Crystal Shoes and they really do wear great. I am looking forward to enjoying them this summer.Again, thanks for the good and quick service. I really do love these shoes and will look forward to some more."

Betty B. of Rocky Mount, NC -Emailed- 4/25/09